Ladrillos N.3

Exposición colectiva Todo lo solido
se desvanece en el aire
Curador: David Flores Hora

Lima — Abril, 2015

Bricks N.3 presents to our bodies and its perception a structure in equilibrium, something that remember us of a wall. It resonates in the memory of our senses, which understand better that our rationality how bodies work in confrontation with gravity. It knows that bodies only appear still when they encounter another ones that achieve to contain the impulse of the force of gravity over them, managing to make their’s continual movement slower. Thus, we know when we see the sculpture that its equilibrium is precarious and temporal, that an imminent destruction potential is on stage.

The work presents itself as unstable and fragile, at the same time as flexible and in perfect equilibrium. It ́s symmetric structure includes a foreign element as the generator of theses ambivalence. The cotton yarns transforms what could be a traditional wall into another one that considers fragility, flexibility and the foreign as constructive elements.

I think that it ́s a sculpture that asks to our bodies how are we generating our physical or mental constructions, how we can construct on unstable terrains, were fragility, equilibrium, and tolerance constitute container forces.

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